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I drove to Watford to pick up the RCE NEWS on the morning of the 26th July 2021 in Watford Herts. And on my way back I attended my first sharing of the RCE NEWS at the Veterans Day in the Forbury Gardens.

Video Yvonne YEW

Seeing the veterans in their uniform it really hits home the role of those in the services.

The Gurkhas attended The Veterans Day. You can find more about the Gurkhas and their connection with the British Isle.

Photo Yvonne YEW

Seeing the band brought back memories of the Salvation Army who used to march the streets of West Reading when I was a little girl.

Video Yvonne YEW

While I was there I saw Kim Leng from RG2 Radio she was there with her husband enjoying the day.

It was a lovely day to see Kim and give her a copy of the RCE NEWS newspaper.

Photo Yvonne YEW

A Big Thank You to Guy for his assistance on the day..

Photo Paul King Head of Photography

And Thanking Everyone on the Veterans Group who made the event possible. And thank you for the privilege to share our newspaper at your event.

Photo Paul King Head of Photography

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