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It was good to see Diana’s two sons at an important event that she would have been proud of her sons at the rolling out of the revealing of the statue of Diana Princess of Wales.

There was a change when this young girl entered the hearts of this country as a shy engaged slip of a lass. Previous footage revealed a rather shy person, one who had experienced her own freedom.

Diana worked as a dance instructor to children and later she went on to work at a playgroup, as well as cleaning and working as a hostess. This already warmed the hearts of communities because of her love for children, their welfare and their surroundings it was an issue for her if it were not so regardless of race or creed. Diana beamed out like a ray of sunshine and with a thunderstorm rolled away past as we knew it.

With her fashion sense, the mother of the two Heirs to the crown taught them ground roots way of living. She taught them a life away from the Palace even though there were restrictions.

Diana’s life was cut short in August 1977. And with that many hearts were broken by the loss of this awesome Woman whose huge number of flowers of condolences filled the air with their fragrance as they were in abundance in front of the Buckingham Palace.

The statue representing the Princess of Wales will be made welcome by many as they remember the numerous pictures and video footage of Diana Princess of Wales born Lady Diana Spencer. R.I.P.

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