The Full Story


Reading Caribbean Express was founded by myself, Yvonne YEW in Dec 2013. 
The aim was to join the dots of the Caribbean community together.  It seemed that through research there was not much recorded about Reading Caribbean’s on the internet or in the local library. To achieve this one decided to visit all the areas of Reading Berks UK from 2013 - 2019.
Each part of the town was covered and five 4 paged magazines were created and published with the news, articles and events of each area i,e, West Reading, Reading Town Centre, Whitley and so on..
During my travels, Reading Caribbean Express (as it was known) organised a protest march. The story was picked up by the local and national news. It was also televised by the BBC News.
I closed this chapter of Reading Caribbean Express by printing the last of the six magazines by thanking everyone who had supported and took part in the magazines. 
By this time, I had finished Open University and decided I would seriously embark on producing and publishing a local diverse community minded newspaper.


Reading Berkshire Express News has become remarkably diverse over the years. However, something has been lost that only the COVID could have returned. And that was a community working together, families helping each other.

Reading Caribbean Express News held its newspaper launch on the 23rd of June 2021 and was made official by the attendance of the Deputy Mayoress Rachel Eden and Councillor Alice Mpofu-Coles.

RCE NEWS was published on the 26th of June 2021. Yvonne YEW collected 1,000 newspapers fresh from the publishers Reach PLC that morning.


Reading is an old Town with old and good solid community news.  The news is constant, family oriented and diverse.


Reading Caribbean Express News is a new, unique and a diverse newspaper about The Reading Community.

I believe the news printed in the newspaper is about ‘people we know in the community’. 


I take delight in the sharing of the first edition and received positive feedbacks from those who saw the newspaper.

•          They were amazed!

•          ‘I know him/her ‘! 

•          ‘So much info about Reading that I didn’t                        know’. 

Reading Caribbean Express News is a ‘diverse and unique newspaper’ combining Caribbean news with news in the Reading Community (and Berkshire).

This newspaper and its contents are 'all inclusive'.