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PASSPORTS prices are due to rise;

The cheapest way to get your passport is online through

Whether you're getting your first passport, renewing an old one, changing your name or personal details, or getting a passport for your child, the cheapest way to do so is through the website, if you're happy and able to use the online service.

If you do want to use a paper application form, you can pick this up from a post office that offers the 'Paper Check & Send' service (find your nearest) or request one from the Government's passport advice line by calling 0300 222 0000 or by using its online form.

Whether you apply online or by post, the Passport Office says you'll usually get your passport within three weeks (for standard applications).

For more tips and info on getting a new passport for less, see our Passport renewal tips guide.

Why are fees increasing?

The Home Office (which runs the Passport Office) says the new fees will help it improve its services and reduce reliance on funding from general taxation. It added that the Government does not make any profit from the price of passport applications.

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