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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The John Sykes Foundation launches their new Fund

to help combat the Cost of Living Crisis

A Cost of Living Crisis Fund has been created by the John Sykes Foundation, as a response to the spiralling cost of living, which already has a firm grip on the country, and is set to tighten for many households in the coming months ahead.

The new initiative, which will run during

2023, will be focused on Reading’s local charities and community groups who open their doors to those who are unable to afford to heat their houses or feed their families.

As we look ahead to a challenging and uncertain year, the Foundation are identifying how they can best support charities and communities across Reading and continue to deliver on their mission.

This Fund will help groups to support their community further during this crisis.

The initial focus will be to offer groups funding of up to £1,000 per grant to help combat critical issues in the community and will be donated exclusively by the John Sykes Foundation.

The grant can either be for a new or ongoing project.

John Sykes, Founder and Chair of Trustees, added, “With inflation at a 45 year high, the increases have disproportionately impacted marginalised communities who are already under pressure and furthermore stretched charities to their absolute limit.”

“Our Foundation have created this latest Fund to aid Reading based charities and organisations to continue in further reaching those families and individuals in our community who need help.

Many cannot afford to heat their homes or feed themselves and their families. We want to be able to reach those in need, and creating this Fund will hopefully help.”


We will initially be focusing on organisations providing emergency support to local people.

Although not an exhaustive list, this could be through the following:

• Providing food support – for example food banks and food parcels or purchasing

stock for community fridges/pay as you feel initiatives;

• Providing utility support – we would expect this to be used to support the disabled

and low-income individuals and families that are on pre-payment meters/using oil;

• It could be to purchase essential items to distribute – sanitary products, toiletries,

cleaning products, blankets, hot water bottles, slippers, clothing, flasks, slow cookers,

batteries, etc

We recognise that all sectors of society are affected by the cost of living crisis and will assess needs of each application and prioritise funding to those who are particularly vulnerable at this time.

Further details of the Fund, and an online application form, can be found on our website:

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