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Dear Friends

First and foremost, wishing you all a happy prosperous healthy new year! Hope you had an enjoyable Xmas with family and friends.

Regarding subject above, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you on the committee seeing that you have a wealth of experiences and expose to the Media I believe you are able to promote REBS and get her moving again. She has been in operation since 2007, has her highs and lows moments, fought off rivalry, but I can pat myself on the back to say I managed to stand strong, keep her afloat even in difficult situations and circumstances.

Its my dream, my vision its an assignment given to me by God, I am passionate about it and won’t let it get out of my hands. I believe the time is coming when I have to pass the baton on to responsible people like yourselves who have the same vision and aspiration for the community and vulnerable people especially the elderly who in most circumstances has no voice. Our aims and objectives should be to do our very best to deliver a service to those people and to keep REBS going.

The Pastor from The New Testament church in Caversham has shown an interest in REBS and is willing to be involve in the community apart from being a Pastor. He is planning to set up a meeting soon with me to discuss the way forward; perhaps we can all meet up together at the Vicarage to plan a way forward meeting and elect officers. To go over the constitution and the Leaflet and reform and amend where necessary. I am sure Fr David wouldn’t mind.

Fr David from St Giles Church is already the Vice Chair, I have always played the leading role the coordinator to facilitate and to steer REBS.

The officers we will be looking to appoint are: A Chair Person

A Secretary

A Treasurer

A fundraiser

Assistant Coordinator

I have asked my son Samuel to shadow me as the assistant Coordinator as aged is catching up with me.

Fr David has been the Vice Chair for 8 years. He is someone I can trust and rely on, he is broad minded, he has been supportive to REBS for all those years, he is also a signature on the Account. –His wife Valerie is the Temporary treasurer, she has quite a lot going on in her family and I am sure she won’t mind stepping down from that role.

Well that’s all for the time being, any further questions please get back to me.

I am looking forward hearing from you all with positive vibes. I hope and pray that I have not said anything in this email that would incriminate -or embarrass anyone. Please let me know I will apologise.

Yours faithfully

Uda M Chalk

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