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Reading Water Fest on 19 June 2021

I am looking forward to the return of this much-loved Reading Water Fest on 19 June 2021. This year the flagship celebration event will take place to mark the 900th anniversary of Reading Abbey.

2021 is an incredibly auspicious year for Reading - marking 900 years since Reading Abbey, originally one of Europe’s largest royal monasteries, was founded by King Henry I of England. Reading Water Fest will be the focal celebration event for this landmark year.

Water Fest is Reading’s largest free town centre-based community event. It will feature an exciting mix of arts, culture and heritage, through live and digital performances, activities and workshops.

The Abbey’s illustrious history will be brought to life with the Forbury Civil War Camp and Medieval Village where people can experience the sounds and smells of the Quarter’s history.

This accessible one-day event will take place on Saturday 19 June between 11am and 5pm, within the Forbury Gardens, Abbey Ruins and along the River Kennet, celebrating the Abbey’s rich 900-year history and its environmental and heritage connections with Reading’s waterways.

To take part or contact the Reading Water Festival please press the link here.


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