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Prof Sir Anton Muscatelli has apologised

The University of Glasgow have found themselves in hot water. Vice -chancellor apologises to staff and students who have experienced racism on campus.

A report shared that BAME students were being harassed at the university. Prof Sir Anton Muscatelli has apologised for the behaviours of others on the campus.

The university was prompted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s 2019 inquiry into racism on UK campuses.

The students who took part in the report said that; -

  • Harassed between 2 - 5 days

  • One in 20 students reported more than 20 separate incidents of harassment

  • A quarter of BAME students who took part agreed the university had “a serious problem with racism”.

During the two years that the students who attended the university of Glasgow ;

  • 29% of black students and 27% of Asian students had experienced racial harassment on campus.

There was strong evidence of structural disadvantage facing BAME staff and students, including a gap of more than 10% in awarding of degrees in comparison with white peers.


More about this story can be read in the Guardian

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