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Migrant Justice and Racial Justice on International Migrants Day, Friday 18 December 2020 from 17:00

Migrant Justice and Racial Justice on International Migrants Day, Friday 18 December 2020 from 17:00 - 18:30 GMT

About this Event Regularise invites you to our online event - Migrant Justice and Racial Justice - on International Migrants Day 2020. The event will be held on Friday 18 December from 17:00 - 18:30 GMT. Speakers and panelists: Patricia Daley - Black Protest Legal Support UK Kimberly Garande - We Belong Zita Holbourne - Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK Loraine Mponela - Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG) and Status Now Network Victor Mujakachi - activist campaigner, also Simba's father of the Justice for Simba campaign Khadija Najlaoui - migrant domestic worker, activist, Unite the Union Jacqueline Wallace - End The Virus of Racism Facilitator - Regularise Please register above to receive a link to the webinar on the day of the event. "There are such things in the world as human rights. They rest upon no conventional foundation but are external, universal, and indestructible. Among these, is the right of locomotion; the right of migration; the right which belongs to no particular race, but belongs alike to all and to all alike.

It is the right you assert by staying here, and your fathers asserted by coming here. It is this great right that I assert for the Chinese and Japanese, and for all other varieties of men equally with yourselves, now and forever. I know of no rights of race superior to the rights of humanity, and when there is a supposed conflict between human and national rights, it is safe to go to the side of humanity. I have great respect for the blue-eyed and light-haired races of America. They are a mighty people. In any struggle for the good things of this world, they need have no fear. They have no need to doubt that they will get their full share. But I reject the arrogant and scornful theory by which they would limit migratory rights, or any other essential human rights to themselves, and which would make them the owners of this great continent to the exclusion of all other races of men. I want a home here not only for the negro, the mulatto and the Latin races; but I want the Asiatic to find a home here in the United States, and feel at home here, both for his sake and for ours. Right wrongs no man.

If respect is had to majorities, the fact that only one fifth of the population of the globe is white, the other four fifths are colored, ought to have some weight and influence in disposing of this and similar questions.

It would be a sad reflection upon the laws of nature and upon the idea of justice, to say nothing of a common Creator, if four fifths of mankind were deprived of the rights of migration to make room for the one fifth.

If the white race may exclude all other races from this continent, it may rightfully do the same in respect to all other lands, islands, capes and continents, and thus have all the world to itself.

Thus what would seem to belong to the whole, would become the property only of a part. So much for what is right, now let us see what is wise." - Frederick Douglass, Boston 1869

References Regularise are also part of the Status Now Network who are campaigning for #StatusNow4All

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