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🇯🇲It's Peter Tosh Day🇯🇲

🇯🇲It's Peter Tosh Day🇯🇲

Today April 20th is celebrated as International Peter Tosh Day, where tribute is paid to the Jamaican Reggae Music Icon and Activist. In Honour of his philosophy of responsible cannabis consumption for Medical and Spiritual Health Benefits.

The same day as the 420 festivities advocating for the legalization of cannabis.

Head of the Peter Tosh Foundation and administrator of the Peter Tosh estate, Niambe his youngest child said “This definitely says so much about the work that my father did and will go a far way in continuing the struggle.

He was a Pioneer in bringing marijuana to the forefront,” she told the Jamaica Observer during an interview from her base in the United States.

The Peter Tosh estate and its partners have organised a full slate of activities to mark today's observations, which will be streamed across various social media platforms with the hope of engaging audiences to share and discuss all matters relating to marijuana.

Amongst participants in the various forums are marijuana growers and distributors, policymakers, artistes, medical professionals and other enthusiasts.

Like her father, Peter McIntosh she has taken on a number of the causes which champion equal rights and justice for all.

In his time he faced police brutality, was arrested numerous times, but his fight for justice was an everyday thing.

So now, we must carry on that push for justice, speak out where we see injustice taking place .

It's what my father would want. He was able to to advocate through his music, as an educator. I have a voice and a platform so I use it to speak up and work towards that change that we so desperately seek.

It's in my DNA,” she explained”.

Niambe McIntosh Happy International Peter Tosh Day 🇯🇲💚🇯🇲

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