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Updated: Mar 11

Firstly, a big thank you to all you beautiful ladies and the constant work load that is always on your shoulders... Looking after your families.. You are the women in the middle who keep your families ticking over..

An extra special 'happy international women's day' to the ladies who attended this event.. We had phenomenal Guest speakers..

Annette Levy - Jamaican Society & Friends & Windrush

Sherwin Springer - West Indian Circle & Fostering from Brighter Futures for Children & Card Artwork

Raveena - Utulivu Womens Group

Constance Goody - Golders Luncheon Club

Angela Bovell - Youth Work & New Reading Carnival 2024

Ruby Griffith - Bourne - Author & Poet

Yvonne YEW - Your Host - Reading Caribbean Express News

We had a good laugh with great informative information and conversation, we ate together and we gave thanks for being together and respecting each of our God given gifts !

It was indeed a splendid time spent together with these awesome ladies..

Again, a big thank you 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Thanking Sherwin Springer for the photos from the event (below) Reading Caribbean Express News will share more photos and videos in the next few days..

Sherwin Springer - West Indian Circle & Fostering from Brighter Futures for Children & Card Artwork

Photo: Sherwin Springer

Raveena - Utulivu Womens Group

Photo: Sherwin Springer

Angela Bovell - Youth Work & New Reading Carnival 2024

Photo: Sherwin Springer

Constance Goody - Golders Luncheon Club

Photo: Yvonne YEW

Annette Levy - Jamaican Society & Friends and Windrush

Photo: Yvonne YEW

Ruby Griffith - Bourne - Author & Poet

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