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HOT OFF THE PRESS - The Mural Reading UK

“No Irish, No dogs, and No Blacks!”. Forty years on, the struggle to establish our Black identity, culture, and a sense of belonging in this our stronghold continues. We the Black Diaspora of Reading came together during Black History Month to celebrate those from our past who have fought for our rights. The Central Club in Reading became our spiritual home, a place to meet and share in our culture and to nurture a sense of belonging into the diaspora.

The Black History Mural a manifestation of our self-confidence. Now with the zeitgeist of Black Lives Matter, we have found our voice and are proud to start the process of redefining ourselves as more than just the product of slaves and slavery. The Black History Mural depicts key events and significant people in our journey.  

Today, Tianna Banton, a young Black Filmmaker in collaboration with Aspire Media is premiering her documentary film on the Black History Mural and what it means to people of Black Heritage. The documentary is to be released on social media. Aspire CIC has submitted an application to Historic England for the Mural to be listed as a National Heritage site.

It will be the first piece of Black public art or monument to be listed in the UK. You can see the premiere of the documentary today at 19:30, by visiting Aspire’s website at Why don’t you tarry a while and watch our other programmes on desert empires, slavery and suffering, slavery and salvation, Windrush arrival and forgotten British slave owners.

You can also visit our digital museum and take the Reading Slave Link  Tour or Quiz. You can also help by signing sign the petition for Historic England to list the Black History Mural as a nationally listed site. There is much there to Engage, Enlighten, Educate & Entertain you during the lockdown.

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