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From: Wellbeing Service <> Sent: Monday, September 4, 2023 12:55 PMSubject: Heat Health Alert Issued - Yellow - between Monday 04/09/2023 at 14:00 and Sunday 10/09/2023 at 21:00Importance: High


Dear colleagues and community partners,


Please be informed that the UK Health Security Agency has issued a Yellow Alert under the heat-health alert system for the South East, which covers Reading Borough.


The alert is in effect between Monday 04/09/2023 at 14:00 and Sunday 10/09/2023 at 21:00.


As published on UKHSA and Met Office’s dashboard, this means that minor impacts are probable across the health and social care sector, including: increased use of healthcare services by the vulnerable population; increase in risk of mortality amongst vulnerable individuals and increased potential for indoor environments to become very warm.


Many of the harms linked to heat exposure are preventable if a few simple actions are taken:


  • Ensure that heatwave plans are in place - see below for the most vulnerable populations that require support

  • Ensure your colleagues are aware of the actions they will take – for example monitoring temperatures, creating cool spaces, ensuring availability of water and other stocked items - see below for action cards and other guidance and resources

  • Promote awareness of how to beat the heat for themselves, their homes and settings, and those around them

  • Cascade information on how to reduce risks through your networks


The Public Health Team are working with our Communications team to ensure messages go out to the public.People at risk of becoming unwell in hot weather


  • older people aged 65 years and over

  • babies and young children aged 5 years and under

  • people with underlying health conditions particularly heart problems, breathing problems, dementia, diabetes, kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease, or mobility problems

  • people on certain medications

  • people with serious mental health problems

  • people who are already ill and dehydrated (for example from diarrhoea and vomiting)

  • people who experience alcohol or drug dependence

  • people who are physically active and spend a lot of time outside such as runners, cyclists and walkers

  • people who work in jobs that require manual labour or extensive time outside

  • people experiencing homelessness, including rough sleepers and those who are unable to make adaptations to their living accommodation such as sofa surfers or living in hostels

  • people who live alone and may be unable to care for themselves





Please note you may be receiving this message more than once.


Kind regards

Nina Crispin

Information & Engagement Officer

Public Health and Wellbeing Team

Directorate of Adult Care and Health Services


Reading Borough Council

Level 2, Civic Offices,

Bridge Street, Reading, RG1 2LU


T: 07811 026070

Working days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday








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