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Go Fund; Caribbean Grenada and to Africa Nigeria

Grenada fight for life inc.  

Over the last 5 years, As a president, it has given me the opportunity and time to travelled to the (Caribbean Grenada and to Africa (Nigeria ).

Part of my travelling was spent in Nigeria and this has been a big eye-opener. Especially during the elections. 

Fight for life is an NGO based in Grenada and for 5 years, we have been supporting many of the groups in the community.  These being as follows:-

1. Mothers and babies (single parents)

2. Teenager

3. Prisoners 

4. OAP (Garp) 

5. School children (underprivileged family's).

Presently, see the recent problems faced in Nigeria for the peaceful protest, which turned into a political war and blood bath.

Nigeria over the years has had it issues with cultural and political. With recent events we can see, it has become 100 fold with violence which is not new to Nigeria, but we can see many people have lost their homes and in need of food.  We have seen what is going on in the news and I hope, this will soften your heart ❤ to give what you can for us to e local people.  What we are asking for is not going to build houses but support them for Christmas and even more so during this Covid 19 events. 

Whatever you choose to give, we will be giving food parcels in the poorest parts in Port Harcourt and Lagos. Your giving to a cause will make a difference to so many lives.

We are our brother's and sister's keeper, please let us all remember. We are all affected by what is happening, a little can go a long way. 

Help me build Nigeria and Grenada and help me to fight for life

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