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Global action against racism and discrimination.

Please read.

UN introduced a resolution that called for global action against racism and discrimination.

Voting Summary:

Yes: 106.

No: 14. Abstentions: 44.

Non-Voting: 29.

All voting members: 193

More than 100 countries voted “Yes.”

Resolution didn't pass due to a NO vote from permanent members of the Security Council (US, Russia, UK, China and France) that hold a veto.

Guess who voted against it...


* UK

* Australia

* Canada

* Israel

* France

* Germany

* Netherlands.

Major Europeans are NO.

Rest of the Europe ABSTAINED.

These are the countries constantly calling out other countries on human rights & freedom.

This is the real world we live in. Don't just get impressed by western countries championing human rights.

See the resolution and the voting record:


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