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Does your child need help and support with their Maths GSE ? Charlotte can do exactly that !!

Hi, I'm Charlotte Francis, a Mathematics teacher of 15 years, Head of Maths for 8 years, GCSE examiner for 14 years and Maths tutor for 14 years.

Last month I provided a free seminar on how to prepare your children for their GCSE maths exams this summer (which was a great success) and would like to extend this further by providing FREE GCSE preparation sessions for the Summer exams.

How will it work?

There will be 3 GCSE maths exams :

On Friday 20th May Paper 1 , Tuesday 7th June Paper 2 and Monday 13th June Paper 3.

In preparation I will be providing the following FREE 6 sessions:

PAPER 1: Sunday 15th May: 10am-12pm HIGHER 2pm- 4pm FOUNDATION PAPER 2: Saturday4th June: 10am-12pm HIGHER 2pm- 4pm FOUNDATION

PAPER 3: Saturday 11th June: 10am-12pm HIGHER


• I will email out a predicted paper based on the government advance information prior to your lesson ( I suggest that your child attempts the questions in it prior to the lesson)

• During the lesson I will cover the following:

- I will model how to do each question

-I will give advice on how the GCSE examiner will mark their work to gain maximum marks

-I will give alternative methods

-I will go over common student misconceptions so you don't make the same mistakes on the day of your exams.

Who is this for?

Ideally any year 11, Edexcel student taking their GCSEs this Summer. However will be very benficial for any student from any exam board and year group hoping to get a head start.

How much will it cost?

The sessions are completely FREE . I am offering this service as I have seen the huge disparity in families who can / can't afford private tuition and want to try and bridge that gap in helping all our children to succeed in their GCSEs.

How do I sign up?

Please just fill out the form here with your details >>>> and I will be in touch with all of your resources and Zoom links.

If you have any questions at all or are interested in any of my tuition services including my May half term GCSE courses and Summer transition courses please email me on:

For all of my google reviews please find them here:

Love and light to you,


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