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Siobhan ‘Tally’ Richards-Slater was such a sweet, loving and effervescent baby girl. She was uber bright and talented; wise beyond her very short years.

Photo Credit ;- Siobhan ‘Tally’ Richards-Slater

Siobhan passed away suddenly on Wednesday 3rd April 2024 following hospital admission for a Sickle Cell Crisis. Siobhan was no stranger to these crises; in fact she was our Warrior Princess, she fought to the end.

Her mum, Samantha, is bereft with grief; and whilst Siobhan did have this condition since birth, her passing now, is completely unexpected.

Photo Credit ;- Siobhan ‘Tally’ Richards-Slater

There is no reason why Siobhan could not have enjoyed a full life with her diagnosis.

Therefore, having to plan a funeral and the associated costs was not something Sam could dream of having to face.

For those that know Sam, Siobhan and the family; we ask for any donation you can afford. Nothing is too big or small - all is greatly received and appreciated.

We still are in utter shock and the hope of giving Siobhan the best going home send off we can; is what is helping us through.

Thank you for taking the time to read, please share and if you don’t know too much about Sickle Cell take a minute to research it.

Both Samantha and Siobhan tirelessly advocated to raise awareness. Thanks again ❤️

Here is the link for Siobhan’s fund raiser, it’s hitting the target but all monies will be gratefully received.. Thank you

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April 15th, 2024by Verona Forde, Organizer

Thank you! It’s been a whirlwind weekend as we held an intimate ‘nine night’ for Siobhan. It was definitely overwhelming for her nearest and dearest, yet at the same time, incredibly comforting that with all of your help we hit and surpassed the target initially set for Siobhan’s fund.

The lovely kind words have not gone unnoticed as well as the generosity of all donors.

As yet a date for Siobhan’s funeral has not been set therefore, I will be leaving the fund open for further donations and to continue to spread awareness of the difficulties and complications of Sickle Cell. Please take a minute to find out more about the blood disorder that affects a large portion of the UK population.

Thanks again, please continue to share. Bless

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