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Updated: Apr 24

Carla asking if you will support her by sending a gift.. Little or large you will be contributing towards Carla laying her father to rest.. This young lady is a local lass needing the support from her community.. Her father was well known in the Ladbroke Grove area where he resided His name is Ronald Francis Joseph


My name is Carla and I come here with the heaviest of hearts to ask for your support in this matter that has crushed my soul into a million pieces. I’m not one to ask for help, I am the helper, but right now I really need it!

The 5th April 2024 was the worst day of my life….

27 Years of longing and searching for my Father to find him finally 3 years ago…

To get a call from the Metropolitan Police telling me he was found dead a few days ago in his flat To then find out he was actually found dead on the 19th of fucking February and no one informed me.

Endless calls all day to numerous services and no one could tell me where my Dad’s body was. Not one ounce of compassion has been shown and so many questions unanswered… A whole mental health community team around my Dad and no welfare checks… No concerns raised nothing!

Stories don’t add up I was told the community police were flagged down outside his home by a neighbour a few days ago as the neighbour had not seen him for 3 weeks.

Now the story is he was being cared for by a neighbour because he was really sick and then next he was causing trouble and starting fires in his home What is it…. ?

I longed for him and loved him my whole life, mental health kept us apart and when I found him he was so happy. He adored me and his eyes were filled with love and pride to have a daughter like me.

I am sorry that the system failed you Dad, a war veteran and a sufferer of mental health issues caused by PTSD.

I am sorry that you were left to ROT in a home that was not fit for purpose and that you died alone I am thankful that I found you and we spent time together for your birthday and Father’s Day, endless phone calls full of love laughter and reminiscing.

Your mental health did not define you and I am gutted that I did not get to care for you as a daughter should and how I would have! My heart aches for you but I know you felt real love and I will always hold you close.

I am so sorry️,

Just know that I will not let this rest and those who failed you will be held accountable!

7 weeks my Dad’s body has been laid in a mortuary…7 weeks!!! They tried to take him away as an unknown person but thankfully his neighbour identified him.

My Dad was a person with 4 children, 9 grandchildren and many siblings.He was loved beyond measure!

How dare the system treat him this way, my emotions are everywhere but what I feel most is anger that not one of these services had the decency to let his family know!

I won’t get the opportunity to say goodbye to him now, to kiss his precious face and tell him he was so loved, because his body will be decomposed all because they have

left it almost two months to reach out.

My Dad deserves to have a send off that shows him he was loved and adored by all who knew him, and I am reaching out to ask for your help to please make this possible!

I won’t have much time to arrange anything now due to how long they have had my Dad’s body so please share this far and wide x

On behalf of myself and my younger sister we will be forever grateful for any support received, Thank You x

Until we meet again, I love you Dad❤️ Time was never on our side….



Update!!! 09/04/2024

I would like to thank everyone for your generosity and compassion during this difficult time, you will never truly know how much this means to me and my sister❤️

Today we are day 5 and I have still not had one professional call me regarding my deceased father! As it stands I now know where his body is but am unable to speak to anyone at the coroners office.

I have been calling the CMHT, the Police, the GP the Local Authorities and No one has answers and No one calls back.

I cannot eat, sleep, be present for my children because I cannot rest until I have information.

My Dad went to war for this country and he was not even born here…

Now I will go to war for him and bring down every single person who has failed him.

Why are they all hiding?

What are they hiding?

I need answers


Today by Carla Adenle, Organizer

Update!!! 16.04.2024

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for your generous donations to help me lay my Beautiful Dad to rest. In a time where everyone is struggling financially it shows what good hearted people I am surrounded by. The act of kindness you have shown will be with me forever❤️

I have had to take a time out to process what I saw when I entered the place where my Dad was left to rot!

I attended the property where my Dad lived on Friday 12th April, with my sister. We were due to meet someone from Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council there at 10.30.

Please bare in mind that my Dad lives in Ladbroke Grove (London) and my sister had to travel from Basingstoke to Reading to meet me so we could travel down together.

I received a text message from the guy from the council at 09.36 asking if the time could be changed to 11 as he was busy and did not want to be late…

Absolutely disgusting! We are travelling down to enter a place where our Dad was found dead and he could not even be bothered to turn up on time!

He eventually arrived just after 11.30…An hour later then planned and I was having to call him continuously to see where he was.

As we were about to enter the property I was told by him that we needed to go in one by one.

I gave him a piece of my mind and told him that this would not be happening and that this moment would be very traumatic for myself, my sister and my Dad’s neighbour who found my Dad deceased.

He then went on to question me as to why we could not go in alone! No compassion, No respect and No manners shown…

To be honest I don’t know why I expected more after the way they have treated my Dad. He even had the cheek to tell me that I was being rude to him!

So now we get to my Dad’s front door and my heart is beating fast, I’m all hot and overwhelmed with emotions.

This guy had the audacity to tell me that he would wait outside whilst me and my sister went in to collect the few possessions my Dad had.

I was infuriated and insisted that he enter the property so he could see with his own eyes how they had left my Dad to live and die.

His response will NEVER leave my mind. He said “He does not need to go in there and that he does not have an opinion on what has happened”.

I was now fully triggered, cussing and telling him that he best go inside and not expect me and my younger sister to enter the property where our Dad had been found dead alone! Heartless!!!

He stepped inside against his will and stayed in the hallway. The stench was a smell that will NEVER leave my nose!

Him being there so cold pissed me off so I asked him to get out and asked for my Dad’s neighbour to come in and support me. She is already traumatised from finding my Dad but she came in and helped go through my Dad’s belongings with us.

Cherie is her name and she showed love, compassion, strength and understanding and I will forever be thankful to her for how she tried to get my Dad help and for how she has supported and comforted me since his passing. Angels really do walk this earth!

I cannot even start to tell you what I saw when I entered my Dad’s bathroom. I burst into tears and could hardly breathe or compose myself.

The state that my Dad was left to live in was not even fit for a pig to reside in!

The images are traumatising and beyond belief, that a whole team would allow a human to be left in such a dirty, hazardous SHIT HOLE!!! Inhumane in the highest form.

Having to collect belongings off of my Dad’s unmade bed where clothing laid soiled with urine, trying my hardest to not stand where his body was found was both heart wrenching and heartbreaking. Jumping out of my skin when accidentally stepping in the spot!

On the table was a plate that had my Dad’s favourite cake with one square missing, this hit me hard as I wondered if this was the last thing he ate.

No heating, the boiler had a note attached to say it was not working since 2023. I have taken this for evidence. No lights, No flooring just pure nastiness. Blocked sinks, hundreds of empty bottles of bailey’s. Soiled garments in the bath tub…it was horrific.

Leaving my Dad’s with his two guitars and a suitcase of paperwork hit me like a ton of bricks….69 years on this earth and that was all he owned

I told the guy from the council that if I did not hear from the Mental Health Team by the end of the day I would be taking this to the Media! Surprise Surprise I received a call later that day around 4.15pm.

Still no answers, just excuses and blaming my Dad who had a mental illness.

After leaving my Dad’s I went to register the death of my Dad at the registry office in Chelsea. Even the registrar could not comprehend how my Dad had been laid in a mortuary for almost 8 weeks.

The days that have followed have been hard. Trying to go to work and take care of my young family whilst battling such anger and pain has meant that I have had to use such an enormous amount of energy and strength to make it through each day.

I’ve always been strong, but I am crushed at how my Dad has been treated. I blame them all for his death and this will not change.

Action speaks louder than words and I will leave no stone unturned as I take them to court for their negligence in the care of my Dad.

Dad, they thought that you were a NOBODY, they better be ready and know that even alone I come as an Army and I will not let your death be a statistic, nor will I allow this to happen to another person and their family.

I’ve got you Dad, I miss you! The only comfort I’m taking from this is that No one can hurt you anymore and that soon when I lay you to rest you’re tired but loving soul can be set free!!! I won’t fail you xxx

By the guy from the council allowing me and my sister to go into the property alone meant that I was able to take photographic evidence of their negligence. Not a smart move but play with fire and you will get burnt!

I will not post these photos as I will need them to build my case and they are far too upsetting to view x

Thank you once again for all your support x

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