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Monthly update via Zoom is on Tuesday 23 January at 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Building Berkshire Together will be launching their criteria survey and they need you!

Click here to access the meeting

More about Building Berkshire Together

The Trust is in cohort 4 which means we will be full adopters of the standardised Hospital 2.0 designs which are being developed at a national level.  They are currently considering whether building Hospital 2.0 on the current site is a viable option.

A rebuild on site would require a phased demolition and would cause significant disruption to staff, patients and hospital services.  It would also take significantly longer to build.

An alternative option is to build a whole new hospital on another site.

Over recent months, Building Berkshire Together have been identifying potential sites for the location of a new hospital if the funding allocation allows. Through further research, we expect to be able to rule out sites, which are not viable.

Building Berkshire Together will be asking you - our patients, staff, volunteers, our local communities and other stakeholders to have your say on the criteria we are developing to assess the potential sites. 

Building Berkshire Together would like to know what you think of their criteria: if you think any need refining, if anything key is missing, if any are particularly important to you, and why. You can find out more at the meeting and share your first thoughts!

Building Berkshire Together look forward to seeing you. 

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