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CHRISTMAS on the other hand

There has been much made of the 'racists' comments because high streets have chosen 'black families celebrating Christmas' in their adverts.

The Sainsbury group chose to include black families in their advertising. The video has brought out negativity against their move to show 'diversity' in the communities of the UK.

The BLM highlighted that the British isle played and was indeed a part of 'Black History'. Since the time of protests in the UK as a whole has recognised that there must be changes.

Comments made

As a result of this tv advert there are many threats to boycott the store. The demographics of the UK are that the UK is 87.4% white. Why is the UK being portrayed as black, Asian, or any ethnic group other than white? (Richard of York)
Fed up with these ads I’ve never seen so many white men married or partnered to either Chinese! Indian! Mexican! African woman! And vice versa! But not many ads with white on white!!! (Wheehen)
I'd love to hear your view and comments
Should TV continue to share the diversity of the UK at it is today or are we still living a life in the 1950's when the Black and White Minstreals was a programme of ridicule.

It has to be noted that most people of ethnic origin have 'white ancestory' and also those of 'white orgin' have black ancestory. Don't belive me ask Queen Elizabeth 11 she will indeed confirm that her own ancestor was of mixed orgin.

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland Electress/Queen consort of Hanover and her coronation was on the 22 September 1761

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz passed on her mixed-race heritage to her granddaughter, Queen Victoria, and to Britain's present-day monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Charlotte may have been the country's first biracial royal and is Princes William and Harry’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother.

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