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Child Q Conference - Hackney

Please join in this event by pressing here

The horrific treatment of Child Q by police exposes the reality of institutional racism in education. The angry response by students, parents and teachers shows the capacity to organise and demand real change.

We are now two years on from the police murder of George Floyd that sparked the powerful Black Lives Matter movement and brought institutional racism to the fore.

From Trojan Horse and Prevent to the exclusion and attainment of black children and young people, discrimination is at the heart of the British establishment’s system.

The Conference for the Black Child initiative of the early 2000s, launched by Diane Abbott, aimed to address the racism in education.

The role of racist police in our schools is toxic. Child Q is not an anomaly. Data released by the Met Police showed that from 2019-2021, 5,279 children were strip searched by police, with 75 percent from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background.

This conference is about action to fight institutional racism in our schools. It will develop anti racist strategies and form fighting demands for change. We will not be silenced!

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