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Black to Front features major new commissions and reimagines some of Channel 4’s biggest mainstream shows to focus on Black talent and transform Black representation in front of and behind the camera. It aims to amplify Black talent, stories, and voices by bringing them to the forefront on screen and off screen.

We’re working with our production partners to create career enhancing opportunities to transform representation off screen.

How do we do this?

By expanding our talent pools for new and existing flagship Channel 4 shows featuring as part of Black To Front and beyond, to include more people from currently under-represented groups.

We’re now working with productions to broaden their talent pools for craft, technical and scripted roles.

We’re keen to hear from you if you have experience in craft, technical roles on scripted and unscripted programmes and the scripted roles listed below.

If you would like to be considered for any of these roles, please send us your CV to the relevant email address.

We welcome CVs from anyone with the relevant skills or experience, although we’d really love to hear from Black talent as they are less represented.

Channel 4 is particularly interested in hearing from applicants outside of London, and in the Nations and Regions.

For the above roles please email us at:

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