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Aunty Donna JA

I have watched Aunty Donna's video's on Facebook and each time I cry in despair. I cry for the people and their situation and the issues that arise from them.

How can there be so many poor people with no food, no real home to call their own, and no support?

If it were not for Aunty Donna and the Facebook video's I would not know the full extent of families in Jamaica suffering.

I lived in Jamaica for three months over a period of time, yes I know the wealth but not spending the time in hotels but instead our family home. I still shopped and lived in a jamaica way. But to be honest 'Jamaicans have a pride that no one can take away from them'.

Their appearance is so sharp you would not know their financial situation because they are proud. They carry themselves in a way that you would not know how they are living and yet there is joviality, a joy, and a singing heart that carries each and everyone through their day.

When I first arrived in Jamaica I was asked 'how do you like Jamaica'?

Mi seh mi reach home'.

It is with this heart that I ask that any lickle money you can spare please donate to 'Aunty Donna' as you can see in the video Aunty Donna distributes each donation that is given to her to be given directly to the persons who need help and support.

If after seeing this video you can help Tracy and her family, or others in the same situation then please donate to Aunty Donna directly.

Ps. I have contacted Aunty donna and she will be contacting me soon with banking details if you would like to donate and support her work helping those who are less off.

Thank you

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