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ANIVERSARY - Exactly 42 years today the 18th January 1981 - NEW CROSS FIRE

Please remember on the 18th January 1981 in New Cross, London, Uk where 13 lives were lost in a fire.

Yvonne Ruddock was having her 16th Earthday Party on the upper floor of the house. Her House was set ablaze and fire started downstairs and escalated so fast, there was not time for everyone to escape. Exactly 42 years today the 18th January 1981.

The victims of the fire were all young Black, Mixed Race, British people between the ages of 14 and 22.[6] They were:

  • Andrew Gooding, age 14

  • Rosaline Henry, age 16

  • Patrick Cummings, age 16

  • Patricia Johnson, age 15

  • Owen Thompson, age 16

  • Lloyd Hall, age 20

  • Humphrey Brown, age 18

  • Steve Collins, age 17

  • Gerry Francis, age 17

  • Peter Campbell, age 18

  • Glenton Powell, age 16 (died in hospital)

  • Yvonne Ruddock, age 16 (died in hospital)

  • Paul Ruddock, age 22 (died in hospital)

A survivor of the fire, Anthony Berbeck, apparently died by suicide on 9 July 1983 by jumping from the balcony of a block of council flats in south London. He had been traumatised by the death of his friends in the blaze.[7]

A mural has been revealed in honour of 14 young black people killed by a fire in south London 41 years ago

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