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Youths push a 74 year old into the river !!

Youths push a 74 year old into the river...

Is this for real ? Is this how children treat their Senior Citizens ?

I am so angry right now ! How dare they treat an elderly person in this fashion !

Has COVID had an effect on these young people because these behaviours is not right !

The victim fell headfirst into the River Mersey in Warrington, Liverpool Echo reports. He suffered a cut to his face after banging his head.

The brazen thug was filmed by his friends as he targeted the pensioner from behind in the "shocking and upsetting" attack.

One response was that if "This guy is someone's dad, grandad, if he was a member of my family I'd be guns blazing, they are no less than sick in the head if they think pushing an elderly man into the water is funny! Hope the man in question makes a speedy recovery."

Sergeant Mark Spaven, of Warrington Local Policing Unit, said: "This was a shocking and upsetting incident which has understandably left the gentleman shaken.

"He returned home freezing cold and had sustained a cut to his face due to banging his head as he fell into the water.

"We are determined to find those responsible and I am urging anyone who has any information or believes they know who did this to come forward.


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