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Teju Akand - Read The Chronicles of Buster and Bean.

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Hello, my name is Teju Akande, author of Stand Tall, which is the first book in The Chronicles of Buster and Bean.

I became inspired to start writing after my children experienced racial abuse and I could not find books that dealt with this subject in an engaging and practical way.

As a mother of ethnic minority children living in the UK, I want to raise my kids to be confident, proud of who they are and know that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Most importantly, to help them develop a strong sense of self-worth and embrace their uniqueness!

My aim is to empower children and their loved ones by talking about differences and encouraging them to identify, appreciate, and celebrate the diverse cultures all around us.

I live in South England with my husband and 2 young children.

Instagram: @busterbeanchronicles

All copyrights remain with Teju Akande

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