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Two words... Odane Cross

Reading again plummed into grief as another young life has been and murdered in the town. This takes the number up to three young lives killed by knives in the first two months of 2021.

No-one has taken the inatitive to ask 'how can I do something to make a change...? To make a stand against the 'knife crime among the young people of the town.

Of the 'influential Townsfolk' there was not one person. Who has stood up and come up with an idea of some form of prevention.

Not the Mayor, Politician or Buisness person. Odane Cross is the one person who has stood up and made that stand. !

Odane took it upon himself to approach the Thames Valley Police to see how he could make a diffrence. And once he got the go ahead he then started the 'Knife Amnesty'. His message;

Please don't be scared ! Your handing your knife to me will be anonymus you do not have to give your name or nothing. I will not be giving anyones details to the police only the knives please 'KNIFE CAN SAVE 2 LIVES'.

So in return for every knife you hand over I will be giving out Crosskitchen Cross Kitchen food vouchers its a start...



Odane has said

'Thank you to everyone that has helped me. And supported me. We are going to carry on trying to keep knifes off our street. Let's keep our streets knife free'.

Yet it was sad to read Odane's Blog.. And as I read my heart was sadden to read the following;

All I am trying to do is try and keep out the community and our families safe. And what do I get people putting negative things say what I am doing and what I am doing is fake. It is really sad. And if you not strong enough person it can knock you back and stop you from doing what is right. But me, I am not going to stop my fight. I am not going to stop trying to do my best. I am not going to stop and try to keep my community my town my friends my family my neighbors neighbor safe.

Why would people oppose such a postive and good cause !! One that no-one had thought to do before.

RCE NEWS thank you Odane Cross for standing up for a just cause.

Odane Cross Photo Get Reading (26/2/2021)

Photos of Odane Cross from the Dee Park Estate Tilehurst Reading showing the deadly knifes he has taken off the street of Reading in the last 24 hours to save lives in our Town Photos by Paul kIng


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