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Updated: Mar 28

Mr. Watts was known by many nicknames...

'Moses' (the painter and decorator) and Brother Dawg...

Brother Dawg, the latter I always found a bit rude until the day I was protesting about the 'Reading Carnivals Licence being revoked' that I met a man who knew my father. In fact, once we got talking he knew a lot about my family. He also solved the mystery of the nickname 'brother dawg'.

It was because the man explained 'when they were living in Jamaica my Father always, always had a dog walking with him

In England, we had dogs lol how I love hearing awesome stories such as these.., They are stories that I would not like the Reading Caribbean and the Community to miss.

Reading's Characters, the people that made up the community and made the Reading town their home and the way it is...

This is an open page for Reading Caribbeans to share their Family members' memories..

Please use the Chatbox on this website if you too would like your loved ones to be remembered or email.

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