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Speak ! My Brother Speaker ! - Child Q Rally outside Hackney Town Hall.

Being one of the only Black Media platforms dedicated to the Black Community we attended the Child Q Rally outside Hackney Town Hall. Predominantly powerful women leading the way as well as representatives from our young people. Interestedly so called mainstream media attended just to get soundbites and they had no real interest in the truth as to them it's just a story.

Well this is the Story of our lives within our communities which we and our genealogy face on a regular basis. Their was a range of Emotions conveyed especially at some of the presumed authoritative speakers. I also expected a better turn out from the black community because Social Media gives the impression that we area all enraged but truth be told if it wasn't for pale people and others showing Solidarity then it would of been half empty.

If you think the Authorities do not see that our activism has become a click of button affair by 90% of the community and its the same 10% percent doing all the work then the abuse will continue. HMPTV has covered events for 6 years in London and other spots in the UK and its always the same people carrying the torch. For those who for whatever reasons only use Social Media to support our community initiatives then please make your way to our channel, hit Subscribe and Notifications and support us and at least in that way we will be able to continue providing real news not soundbites from within our communities.

Thank you! The full Rally will be posted Tomorrow on HMPTV.

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