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One word ! Vaccine !!

Jaclyn Dunne is a remarkable woman she is tireless in sharing facts that should be normal in our democratic country. She is a wife a mother and a Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Health Coach, Bio-Energetic Practitioner and Best Selling Author

It would seem that Jacyln Dunne with 64k Facebook followers is the page to be on. And I for one would say yes. Jaclyn tells it as it is with hard fast facts ... Jaclyn provides the information behind the stories that as a country we are being told. And it's entirely up to you whether you decide to become a part of the 'Herd Community'. But before you choose what is best for you... Make sure it really is the best solution for you.

Here is what you can expect to see on Jacyln's Facebook page.

She said ab 'Informed choice is what I stand for so let me help you to start researching whether this up-and-coming vaccine for covid19 is safe and effective....the 2 main qualities we NEED in a vaccine.

SAFETY The vaccine they are most 'EXCITED' about right now is the mRNA, vaccine, produced by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Is this a company we can trust? Jacyln Dunne goes on to provide background information about the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer;

*In 2009 the company had to pay a record $2.3 billion to settle federal charges that one of its subsidiaries had illegally marketed a painkiller called Bextra.

*Pfizer’s biggest scandal involved defective heart valves sold by its Shiley subsidiary that led to the deaths of more than 100 people. During the investigation of the matter, information came to light suggesting that the company had deliberately misled regulators about the hazards.

*Also on Pfizer’s list of scandals are a 2012 bribery settlement; massive tax avoidance; and lawsuits alleging that during a meningitis epidemic in Nigeria in the 1990s the company tested a risky new drug on children without consent from their parents.

*A November 7, 1991 investigation asserted deliberately falsifying manufacturing records relating to valve fractures. Pfizer announced that it would spend up to $205 million to settle the tens of thousands of valve lawsuits that had been filed against it.

*In 2004 Pfizer announced that it had reached a $60 million settlement of a class-action suit brought by users of Rezulin, a diabetes medication

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read more on their corporate rap sheet here:

EFFECTIVE Obviously, we have NO studies of any decent length to highlight short or long-term safety or efficacy. WE ARE THE GUINEA PIGS!!! Worse still Pfizer and MHRA medical health regulatory authority (UK version of CDC) KNOW full well we are the guinea pigs. Here's the evidence:

One of the primary endpoints of the Pfizer Covid Study Protocol is an assessment of serious adverse events 6 months AFTER the second dose with continually monitoring for two years.....yet the NHS has been told to be ready to vaccinate in December??? Read more here:


The following video circulating Whatsapp has some interesting facts. And the video makes one question the present climate. 'Why are the government pushing a drug that has not been on a full trial. Apart from testing those who chose to be 'guinea pigs'. And in most cases yes, the vaccine trials are taking place in Africa !!

Who will authorize the potential vaccine for COVID-19?

From 2021, MHRA will have a national licensing system in place and will be responsible for granting licenses for potential COVID-19 vaccines and treatments once they meet high standards of safety and effectiveness. (28 Aug 2020)



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