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By signing up to our free priority services register, we can tailor our services to you and prioritise how we support you if your water stops, as well as our day to day conversations with you. You can register for priority services if you have an ongoing health condition or meet any of the criteria listed below. If the list below doesn’t apply to you but you’re self-isolating or have coronavirus, you should not register - instead, visit our dedicated coronavirus help page.

  • Are eligible for a pension

  • Have restricted mobility or a physical disability

  • Have a chronic or serious illness

  • Need a consistent supply of water for a medical condition or equipment (such as kidney dialysis or skin conditions)

  • Need foreign language or further communication support (such as dyslexia)

  • Have problems making decisions that affect your daily life (such as dementia)

  • Are registered blind or partially sighted are deaf or hard of hearing

  • Are living with a mental health condition

  • Are experiencing temporary life changes

  • Are a family with young children under 5

Support with coronavirus

Coronavirus is a short-term illness and water supply disruptions are rare. We want to help as many customers as we can during this difficult time, but we always need to prioritise those who have a medical need for water.

If your water stops at home, please ask friends, family or neighbours to support you with getting bottled water.

If your water stops for an extended time, you’re unable to leave the house and those supporting you in other ways (such as grocery shopping) cannot bring you water, we’ll do our best to deliver some – if this is the case, please call our 24 hour helpline on 0800 316 9800.

If you need other support, visit Age UK, Citizens Advice and Mind.

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