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*NATIONAL VACANCIES* Start your Detective Career with Thames Valley Police

Updated: Sep 29, 2023


There are many areas within fields of work that people of colour are under represented. And because of the recent changes within the police force there are doors opening for new staff enrolment.
Nearly year ago, I attended the Community Family Fun day held in Newbury and the police were there presenting their recruitment package in their recruiting of people of colour within the police force.

Please forgive me as the video is over a year old but still highly relevant to this post.

Photo & the following paragraphs have been copied from the Thames Valley Police Newsletter.

Already hold a degree or in the final year of your study? Eager to pursue a career in investigation? You can now join Thames Valley Police’s direct to Detective Constable entry programme.
This autumn, Thames Valley Police (TVP) is recruiting for our direct to detective pathway called the Detective Constable – Degree Holder Entry Programme, or Detective-DHEP for short.
This entry route allows those with a degree to complete a two-year graduate diploma focused on developing their skills to investigate serious and complex crimes.
At the end of this intensive two-year programme, student detectives will be accredited with a Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice, along with a Level 2 Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP2) Accreditation from the College of Policing, which is nationally recognised with a number of law enforcement agencies.
Graduates of the programme will be qualified Detective Constables and will be posted to an investigative role, such as a Local Policing Area Priority Crime Team (LPA-PCT), Local CID or Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit (DAIU).
The force is looking to recruit 20 new Detectives on the Detective-DHEP entry route, with start date for the programme expected to be September 2024.
For more information press the following link

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