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Look for Blessing Olusegun !!

A family/friend has asked that Blessing Olusegun be given the same care and investigation as Sarah did.

The police has said of the 21 year old who started work placement two hours away in Bexhill Sussex 'not to worry' 'there is nothing suspicioius !!'.

I am boiling that a young lady has had to appeal to the public in her concerns about her friend the young lady called Blessing who had not returned home !!

Even though Blessing went missing in September 2020 Blessings story is one to be shared. The diffrential treatment the dismissals, the flippancy that Blessing would return home.

In fact, Blessing never did return home.

A petition is being raised because of the mis-justice Blessing and her family.

The petition says that 'Blessing was found dead on the Bexhill beach near Galley Hill on friday at 6:20am.

Her shoes and phone were found nearby her body on the beach and the police are treating it as non suspicious. Her mother Esther Abe is demanding to know why her beautiful daughter died on September 18th. We need justice for blessing and her family. what actually happened?


Hastings Oberver

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