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Interested in interning with one of the world's biggest technology businesses?

Good Morning Leaders,

Please see below to share, if you have any young people that would be interested!!

Do you know a young person of African or Caribbean descent living in the UK, who is interested in interning with one of the world's biggest technology businesses?

Are they in their FINAL or PENULTIMATE year of studying for a degree in technology or a business related subject with a predicted grade of 2:1 or above?

We are recruiting 100 students to join a 6 day programme from 19th to 26th February.

What will participants receive?

A 1 day skills development day.

Following which, 25 students will be selected for a 5 day unique mini-internship, which culminates with a presentation to leaders from the company's UK and European businesses.

They will also receive a technology industry mentor for up to 12 months, who will give guidance on applying for jobs in the tech industry and help develop their tech knowledge.

The 25 students will be encouraged to apply for a paid 10 week summer 2021 internship with the global technology sponsor.

All 100 participants in the programme will receive 12 weeks (2-4 hours per week) post-programme employability and technology skills support from our global technology sponsor.

The closing date for applications is 12th February 2021

If you know a young person who is interested, please ask them to send their CV to

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