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George Floyd Murder Court Case begins..

Court Case of George Floyd

Its almost a year since the murder of George Floyd took place by an American policeman. This action brought the whole world to its knees. From coast to coast every man ‘took to the knee’ because in plain sight, in plain view of other police officers, in daylight and in front of the public a man died in this way.

No matter how many calls and shouts to ‘get off George Floyd’s throat’ went on deaf ears. The action continued. George Floyd passed away in plain view of frightened people.

All over the world Black Lives Matter (BLM) rung out of the ‘worldwide protests’. George Floyd was dead !!

This week questions will be answered. Faces will be recognised. The Judge will now be known all over the world. Justice has to be done.

Daily updates to follow..

Officer who arrested George Floyd should have used 'no force' after detaining him, trial hears (

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