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Ensure Child "A" receives Mental Health Support


Team fundraiser Cheryl Phoenix and Deborah Field-Pellew are organizing this fundraiser.

February 9, 2023

We know all to well what can cause a child to suffer with the effects of mental health and anxiety.
After the violent racist attack outside the Thomas KNYVETT school in Middlesex, child A was left with serious physical injuries.
However, those physical injuries may heal, but what about the mental scars after such a viscous racial attack?
Child A is not eating and is barley speaking after what happened outside of the Thomas KNYVETT school gates where she was not safeguarded.
Please support this cause by donating so she and her family can access Mental Health support.
We want to insure that the long term psychological trauma is minimised by giving her access to the right help.
With many boroughs and mental health practitioners having extensive waiting list(some as long as 3-5yrs) we want to ensure this delay is not felt by Child A.
We thank you for your generosity ❤️.

This GO FUND ME HAS BEEN SET UP SO all donations are sent directly to the family not to us.

Updates (1)

February 14, 2023by Cheryl Phoenix, Organizer

We have spoken to the young lady & her family, they have asked us to let you all know they are completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of support, and thank you to everyone who has donated. We will be able to ensure she gets the correct mental health support.☺️

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