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In the words of my dear friend Prof Ndubusi Ekekwe a world renowned tech guru, who co-designed iPhone & iPad’s XL sensor: I am sharing this, not to show up, but to challenge Nigerians that we need to love our nation and think on “ What can you do even for your community”.

In a bid to further accomplish one of our most important goals which is to educate and empower underprivileged members of the society, I came up with the Student, Enhanced, Engagement, Development (SEED AWARD) for the brightest and most innovative students in Nigerian Universities who against all odds are trying to bring change to the society by initiating projects that can only be imagined by most people.

Empowering a generation, Nation building is our collective responsibility. Everything I have done or will do is not special. I am not special or that important. That I am lucky enough to be approached or fortunate enough to be able to help means I owe this students loads of gratitude for deeming worthy of approaching and to God for making me able to do HIS WORK.

As you can see from the attached, this candidate are star and I am lucky to have a vantage seat as God perfects HIS WORK.

Their story is the typical ordinary Nigerian story: excellence through hard work, dedication and commitment despite poor institutional support. They are not only outstanding students, but they’ve already developed their products. See what we can achieve on a global stage. See what happens when we are our brother’s keepers. May we be so lucky to be chosen to do his work.

Race, tribe, language, family, religion and all other fences we have built around our lives are not real. We are all one under the sun and God. It’s easy to be negative or live in fear and doubt. Life is tough and experience or people have taught us a lot.... but what if our dreams happen and reality isn’t ‘real’. Avoid negativity, hope, work hard and see a different world.

My ultimate goal is to positively impact and effectively contribute to any community, organisation and institution I find myself in. I am so lucky and blessed to with my awesome HEN FDN team. They turn up every day and bring our ideas to life. This is a major landmark and a win for everyone.

I want to wish the awardees a successful mini MBA program at a prestigious Tekedia institute and investor opportunity.


Hen Fdn

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