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Child Q - Forbury Gardens Reading

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We organising a demonstration in the Forbury Saturday 26th March 1pm in support of Child Q and her family.

Please share with your family and friends. Unite as a people or this will keep happening to our children !!

Another Event in London

Petition no 1 A petition has been started for Child Q.. Please sign and chip in…

Another Petition 2

My name is Liv. I started this petition because of news this week about Child Q. As a youth worker, I’ve seen first-hand how police claim to protect young people but actually cause significant harm. Child Q was subjected by police to a strip search at her London school that was “dehumanising and traumatising” and in which racism was likely to have been an “influencing factor” in the officers’ actions.

In the past year alone, the Metropolitan Police have faced inquiries, investigations and reports which all reveal one thing: they are not keeping us safe. The Met are causing people harm and failing those that need safety the most: young people. Just last month, racist, homophobic and misogynistic texts sent by officers working in Charing Cross police station were made public.

As a youth worker, I am asking, why are they in our schools? These problems are not confined to the Met Police. There are school-police programmes all over the country, including in Greater Manchester where I am based.

Students need support and protection, not suspicion and strip searches. Our young people, especially Black young people are too often deprived of the innocence and joy they deserve, treated instead like adults. Thankfully, we’ve moved beyond the days of corporal punishment - let’s not have criminal punishment either, which police in schools too often leads to.

As a youth worker I know that the greatest risk to kids is not other kids but adults, whether in their homes or elsewhere. Safe schools are not ones with police officers patrolling the corridors, they are the ones with resources - understanding teachers, student support staff, SEN training, youth workers, counsellors and mentors. This is what our children need. Please sign and share if you agree that police have no place in our schools.


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