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About Alana House

About Alana House:

Alana House is based in Reading, Berkshire, and provides an inclusive and non-judgemental space where women who face multiple disadvantages are welcome.

Alana House uses a trauma-led approach to support and enable women to address particular behaviours and assess life circumstances that may have put them in a vulnerable position or at risk of offending.

In 2021,115 women received one-to-one support and 95 women came to group sessions at Alana House to make positive changes to their lives.

Alana House Reading opened in April 2010, adopting the recommendations from the Corston Report, which identified the nine pathways to offending and the trauma-informed approach needed to support women. Initially established to support female offenders in the community, Alana House has developed over the years to support all women with multiple or complex needs.

Alana House aims to:

  • Address the individual barriers to employment, education and training

  • Divert women from custody by addressing the causes of crime and therefore reducing the impact on the community

  • Empower women to reflect on their lives and make a plan to address their needs, increasing their independence and facilitating their access to mainstream services

  • Provide opportunities to access benefit and welfare advice, NHS sexual health treatment, housing and specialist drug and alcohol advice, in one safe place

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