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A Mothers Union

Four Mothers decided enough was enough when they decided ‘action’ needed to be taken.

In view of the knife crime happening in Reading, things had to change.

And on Saturday 11th December 2021 the ladies of the newly formed group made their stand.

With shouts of ‘We say no to knife crime’ to ‘beep your horn’ in support of the young people and the challenges they face each day. In their fight against knife crime, for those the trauma of someone dying right there in front of their eyes..

The Mothers Union has gained a lot of interest from like-minded Mothers.

The Mothers who worry will their child come home tonight..

The Mothers who fight alongside their children bullying everyday.

There is so much ‘Mothers’ can do and intend to.

If you are interested in joining the ‘Mother’s Union’ then please send your enquiries to

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