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A most unusual entry by myself Yvonne YEW CEO & Founder of RCE NEWS did not publish during this time due to breavment to my dearly beloved Linnette Watt - Beaumont (Mother). 


With the untimely era of COVID we lost our Mother,  Her undignified funeral due to government rules at the time when only the limitation of 10 people were to attend a  funeral .  My Mother who was the eldest daughter of 10 children for my grandparents, Mother of 6 children for my parents, 15 grandchildren and 1 great grandaughter later.... How do you chose  ? 


So, I would like to honour my Mother Linnette Watt - Beaumont on behalf of my Father Sylvester Alexander Watt that she was indeed an admirable, kind, zany yes zany she was a model for her Jewish Employer in her first employment in England as  a machinist.  She would model his dresses.   My mother then went on to do her training as a nurse in Wokingham Berks.  Meeting my Father Sylvester Watt they married and made their home in Reading.  


In Memory of both my parents Sylvester Alexander Watt (Painter) and Mother Linnette Beaumont (Nurse). 




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