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Winter Wellbeing campaign - Be Healthy and Stay Well in Reading

Watch Dom Hardy, Chief Operating Officer and his colleagues at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, sharing important messages including:

  • The hospital is open for booked appointments – so please do attend your tests, scans or check-ups. Many people are worried about being a burden to the health service or getting Covid19 and are leaving it longer than usual to get health advice. A number of serious conditions are easier to treat if caught early enough.

  • The hospital is safe to visit if you have an appointment – there are a number of measures in place, including the use of masks, social distancing, regular deep cleaning, and hand sanitiser stations all over the building.

  • Please attend on your own if you can and arrive just before your appointment time (partners can join you for maternity scans and labour).

  • Please be aware the hospital needs to limit visitor numbers to help keep everyone as safe as possible. Please check the hospital website for the latest information about visiting.

  • If you are having a life-threatening problem such as chest pains, breathing difficulties or the symptoms of a stroke, call 999 and come to the Emergency Department immediately. If you feel more generally unwell are unsure what to do, contact your GP surgery or call 111 for advice.

  • The hospital is here to help you – but they need you to help yourself too. Look after your own health and help ease the pressure on the front line – this includes getting your flu jab. Contact your GP surgery if you fall into any of the vulnerable categories.

  • Please follow the government Covid safety guidelines, especially around hands, face, space – protect yourself and others and keep the NHS safe.

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