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Windrush update - 2nd December 2020

The Home Office reported two days ago that there would be ’no child under the age of 12’ to be deported back to Jamaica.

The scheduled ‘Ghost Flights’ to Jamaica leaving the UK with ‘Detainees from Detention centres on Weds the 2nd Dec 2020 are not to go ahead.

People are lead to believe that ‘all’ passengers on the flight are a danger to the UK. This is very far from the truth! We are talking 70% are family people. They have worked ‘hard’ to be an upright citizen often owning their own home, often working on the frontline and above all are upright working citizens to be proud of.

Can I request that the government of the UK please stop! Stop the flight's full stop! Do the job properly! Reemploy the barrister who resigned, who has said the ‘Home Office’ is inapt, not true to its word and not transparent in its localities and unsympathetic to the ‘detainees needs’.

The Home office

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We make no apology for seeking to remove dangerous foreign criminals to keep the public safe. Each week we remove foreign criminals from the UK to different countries who have no right to be here; this flight is no different. The people being detained for this flight include convicted murderers and rapists.”

In the paragraph above I said that at least 70% of those detained were family people often working in the front -line, never complaining just continuing in the job they have chosen to be in.

And yet the report from the Home office has confirmed the injustice, misinformed, and mischaracterization of the detainees.

Here's the thing: 70% are family members that you have given a mischaracterizing of their ‘true character’.

This is wrong on all counts.

A report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission found the Home Office failed to comply with equality law when implementing “hostile environment” immigration measures, contributing to serious injustices faced by the Windrush generation.

Attempts to contact the British High Commission for a comment on the matter were unsuccessful.
It is believed that several of the people to be deported had a stay granted at the last minute from a charter flight earlier this year.

Unlike the UK Government, Windrush National Organisation (WNO UK) Chairman Dr. Desmond Jaddoo said his group was concerned over the deportation flight scheduled during the height of a new deadly wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Jeremy Corbin also intervened by sending a letter to Perit Patel... Jeremy went to say... ‘very few people are currently allowed to fly out of the UK due to the pandemic so it's not clear to me how this character flight can be justified," Corbyn wrote in his letter to Patel.

I cannot understand why someone of colour would be so prejudiced and so narrow-minded in their view and their instruction of the 'Ghost Flights', especially as the whole world, faces a pandemic. 'What is wrong with this ‘power-hungry bully’. You’re wrong Perit !!'.


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