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One may look different and have a different way about them... But above all... 'One must feel comfortable in their own skin'...
Having read the shared content shared with me by a community member, I thank you for sharing .

People's development indexes are based on six fundamental principles, namely

Their theories

Their culture

Their ideology

Their paradigm

Their concepts

Their history.

This is what ensures that even after ten thousand years,

Chinese remains Chinese,

The Indian remains Indian,

Arabs remains Arabic,

Westerners stay Western...

They are,

by their culture

by their spirituality

by their languages

by their tradition

By their story

By their theories

By their belief

By their concepts...

and above all by their affiliation to their ancestors to whom they attach and celebrate.

As for us Africans, in just 500 years, we have become Arabs, Westerners, Chinese, Indians... We want to live in everyone's shoes. Except in our own skin.

Our culture is lost

Our traditions are disappearing,

Our ancestors are denied and forgotten

Our languages ​​are dying

Our history is falsified

Our religion is demonized

We are losing our roots

We have lost our identity.

This poverty of spirit contributes to making us financially poor.

We are lost:

Physically lost

Psychologically lost

Intellectually lost

Culturally misplaced

Economically lost...

Our leaders are astray,

Our "intellectuals" are lost,

Our parents are aloof,

Teachers are astray

The youths are looking for their identity.


Africa needs a saviour, a hero.

This HERO is YOU. "

This text can be printed and pasted in the African children's room. They must understand that they have a responsibility. They have a mission on this ask questions from their elders, to read books about their cultural heritage and traditions, to practice and stay connected to their ancestors among other practical approaches to self awareness which will lead to a genuine emancipation of the mind.

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