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Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Please, please, take note of this for the coming Sunday 23rd April 2023.....

.....From: Jonathan Miller

UK Freedom Alliance


Sunday 23rd April from 2-4pm, just in case.


They are doing the alarm thing on Sunday yes.


There are 97.23 million mobile connections in the UK,

85.01m active mobile devices and 12.22m connected things.

98% of the adult population have a mobile phone, making 1.37 active connections per head of population.

Now imagine all them going off at once all at the same time and you have an ideal opportunity to harm a lot of people without it being obvious by switching up the 5g frequency.

Now they will have to send a massive boosted frequency and 5g wave across the Uk at the exact same time to reach every phone.

Now trust me now when I say turn them off before 3pm on that day .

That frequency or wave will be extremely high for it to happen at the exact same time and extremely damaging to your brain.

They are not testing the alarm they are testing the magnitude of the frequency and the impact of the wave on us. We are all guinea pigs

It goes without saying that you need to disable your phone from even receiving this signal.

How do you do this?

On most smart phones

Go to settings - notifications - advanced settings- wireless emergency alerts - switch off alerts.

Switch off All phones

Switch off and unplug wireless networks. Ie broadband

Switch off anything that can receive a wireless signal in your home and unplug it. All unnecessary electrical equipment must be switched off.

Get out of the house but trust me stay away from large crowds like pubs, cinemas, restaurants and shops.

What you will witness will not be a natural occurrence . It will be man made.

I have it on very sound advice that we must stay away as far away from other people as possible. Go to moors, woodland etc woodland is good as the trees will protect you from the wave.

Natural-not good. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Paul Walker
Paul Walker
Apr 22, 2023

Reading Caribbean Express News.

Thank you for sharing.

This information with us all it's been very important to all of us who? Are following your mid-week podcast? Also Furthermore your website keeps us up to date with current news. Keep the good work you've been doing.

Thank you.

Replying to

Paul, thank your for leaving your comment and I appreciate the above words..

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