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Who is Shola Akani ?


My sister and I took a walk along the River Thames and on our way back to the car my sister lets walk around where the swans and ducks over to gather to receive food. This is how I met Shola Akani by chance, had we walked the other way we would have missed Shola.

Considering Shola showered with introductions and questions asking what he was doing ? Shola was as calm and so accommodating of my excitement of finding him there by the river.

Shola is a ‘mobile personal trainer’…

Prior to COVID Shola would have been found at the following gyms;

· Pure Gym

· White Cube Fitness


House Calls – You have the option of sessions in your home.

Shola is a certified Level 3 Trainer who specialises in teaching High intensity interval training, Circuits and Kettlebells. Shola has 10 plus years of working within gyms, 6 years studying the field of Nutrition and 3 years working with nutritional supplements.

Shola is educated to postgraduate level in the area of sports, exercise nutrition and health,

Early to mid-2021 Shola will be operating a ‘NEW PRIVATE STUDIO’ located in Calcot.

Further details will be on Instagram.

Contact details; 07733 275 955

Shola and myself Yvonne YEW @ The Prom River Thames

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