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Ukraine Crisis and it’s affect on Black People Living and Studying there…

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Live Reports in !

A few live video are coming In showing the dreadful treatment being handed out to Black students in the UKRAINE today..

The Alternatives


Poland and the other European nations that border the Ukraine are allowing fleeing Ukrainians, Indians, Arabs and other nationals to cross their border and take refuge in their country.

The only people they are barring are black Africans and right now there are hundreds of African students stranded on the Polish border.

Worst of all is the fact that the Ukrainians themselves are not allowing Africans to board the free trains that they have provided for Ukrainians and other nationals to leave the Ukraine and flee to Europe.

There are reports that the Ukrainian police got on these free trains and removed all the Africans saying they had to stay whilst they allowed nationals from ALL other countries, including India etc, to proceed.

That is how low down the ladder Africans are now. It is so sad and I am glad that the BBC has reported it.

Treating Nigerians and other Africans with such contempt is unacceptable. Do our people not have the right to flee from Russian bombs and carnage too and save their lives?

This is nothing but pure racism and it is evil. Even when they are fighting and people are dying the Europeans are still denying some people access to their borders simply because of their skin color. How wicked can they be?

Where are all the pro-Ukrainian Nigerian and African voices now?

From a Community Member




* NEWS Just in*

Anyone who knows any East African student within Ukraine now that’s stranded please if they are in touch ask them :

contact Dr. ALBERT Kitcher @ Office 6, Volodymyrska St., 11 Kyiv Ukraine

Phone: +380 (44) 229-29-89

Please let's share it till it reaches our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Thanks global citizens

*Just In* Hi, I'd really appreciate it if you could share or donate to this GoFundMe campaign.*Help Afro-Caribbean students leaving Ukraine*

Just like many of you, I have been watching the news with a sense of distress and helplessness. Over the past few days seeing the tweets of the raci…

Read more here

Forward this message to your contacts to help this campaign

Just in - Loose Women !!

Thank you for sharing this video and thanking loose women panelist for her ‘sincere report!’..

And more videos and information coming in from Community Members… Thank you..

I think this video is providing some answers.. What’s your thoughts ?

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