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The RCE News (Community) update

The RCE News (Community) website is shaping up nicely and is updated with news daily. I’d like to invite members of the community to share their news and events on the website itself. The website has made news

available under the relevant ‘headings’.

COVID I fear will continue through to March 2021. Even though there has been a lifting of the isolation period from December 2nd. I would suggest as a Caribbean community we continue with the guidelines. And stay in our bubbles.

The government is saying that the pandemic is affecting those from the BAME groups. This would be the case if you are one of those working on the ‘frontline’. And no the ‘vaccine’ for me. There is not enough research for my liking.

Check out an exclusive about 'I am Daniel'

Great news on the frontline with the promotion of Christian Malcolm in the sports arena.

OK time for me to go again, work is calling! So have a blessed day now... Stay tuned to RCE News

Kind regards

Yvonne YEW

Founder and Chief Editor for RCE

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