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The NHS is in Crisis ! They need your help !!

The NHS is in crisis. Underfunded and understaffed it is expected to clear a backlog of work arising from the Covid crisis.

NHS staff have had our wages held down since the start of the banking crisis with many paid less than the Oxford living wage.

Though we were clapped by the government we were then slapped with another below inflation pay rise leaving us worse off.

NHS workers in Oxford struggle to pay the rent and most cannot consider buying a house in one of the most expensive cities in the UK.

If they lived in the parts of London paying similar rents they would get an additional 15% weighting in their pay.

Instead too many are exhausting themselves working holidays and days off to make ends meet.

Now we face inflation of over 7% and huge rises on our energy bills.

Too many staff leave to work in more affordable areas while millions is spent on expensive agency to fill the gaps.

NHS workers deserve better. NHS workers in Oxford need to be able to afford to live here to ensure a properly staffed NHS to meet people's needs.

Join NHS staff demanding the government extends London weighting to Oxford to give a 15% pay rise, supports the SOSNHS demand for an additional £20 billion funding for the NHS this year, and stops the privatisation of the NHS.

Join us in defending our NHS.

Oxfordshire UNISON

Manzil Way, Oxford, OX4 1GE, United Kingdom

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