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The Guardian says; Ex-minister Johnny Mercer says ‘almost nobody’ tells truth !!

The Guardian says ; Ex-minister Johnny Mercer says ‘almost nobody’ tells truth in Johnson’s government.

Thank you Johnny for telling it as it is !

The government praise you when ‘you are doing a service for them !’ They did it to the NHS Staff then stabbed them in the back with 1% pay rise !

The protective services such as the ‘military services’ are praised for the work they do only to be stabbed in the back !

And here’s the thing ‘Johnny got sacked by text ! The Government wanted him out !! The Government did not listen ! Again !

Boris you’re all wrong.. You have failed miserably as a Prime Minister. You’re not humble enough to say sorry and put your hands up, listen and act better.

Instead you have shown the people of this country again the ‘rich and poor divide’ and now that you have killed off 156,000 people with your bad policies during the COVID period lives have been lost ! And the Government richer !!

John Luther Mercer is a British Conservative politician and former British Army officer. He has served as the Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View since 2015.

Johnny Mercer fought and served his time in Military his one promise after leaving the military was to be a voice for the 'forgotten soldiers'. Those that are 'homeless and hungry and served in the military.


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